About us

The Tower Centre Rijeka was opened in November 2006. It has an area of over 125,000 square meters with more than 150 shops and eight mega shops. The gallery of shops runs through five storeys of an elegant and functional space in which you will find an excellent selection of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories of renowned world brands, sports equipment, a rich offer of household appliances and furniture, a pharmacy and gift shops, a bank and an exchange office. Moreover, the Tower Centre Rijeka is a pleasant entertainment location. In the centre you will find various catering facilities, a play-room, a multiplex movie theatre and other entertainment and leisure facilities.

The Tower Centre Rijeka is located in the district of Pećine, a quiet residential area, only a kilometre away from the city centre. The centre can be reached by car or with the city bus number 1 or 1b (direction Pećine), and it is also part of the route of the tourist bus. The shopping centre has more than 2000 free, indoor parking spaces. Via the exit Rijeka-East, the highway connects the Tower Centre Rijeka with the wider region.

The Tower Centre Rijeka is one of the most visited shopping centres in Croatia. Every year more than 5 million persons visit the Center. Since its opening we have tried to make of the Tower Centre Rijeka more than just a shopping destination. We wish for the Tower Centre Rijeka to be a modern, functional and, most of all, pleasant space, a socialising area, a point of meeting and entertainment of individuals and families from Rijeka, the region or of tourist from all over the world.

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