Children playground "VESELI DUPIN" (Cheerful dolphin).

Shopping today or a meeting with friends is an effort for children and for parents too. Therefore, our baby playground "VESELI DUPIN", located on the fourth level of the shopping center Tower Center, wants to be a useful service to parents who need temporary help during shopping and in the' care for their children . Covering an area of 200 square meters children have the opportunity to have fun and stay in 'area used to carry out recreational activities, recreational and creative, such as dance classes and organizing birthdays. In the following we give you the price list of all the services offered in our area making this baby that beneficiaries of GOLDEN TOWER CARD enjoy discounts in 'use of the playground.

Hourly rate in the children playground:

The Golden Tower Card: 12 kn all 'hours for the first two hours; for each additional hour 20 kn.

Without the Golden Tower Card: 15 kn all 'now for the first two hours; for each additional hour: 25 kn. (Visitors who on the day of the stay of the child in the children playground present a receipt from one of the shops of the Tower Center Rijeka more than 100,00 kn, are exempt from paying the first hour). 

Organization of birthdays: Separate area from other children;
Duration: 2 hours. The price includes: activities of two animators, invitations, juice and pretzels in unlimited quantities, a gift for the birthday boy/girl, photo with your machine, singing activities, mini disco and interesting and cheerful games. The cake is not included in the price (choose it from the catalog).
Prices: Prices start for up to 10 children: 450,00 kn. Group of 20 children for each child after the tenth: 30 kn. For groups of more than 20 children pay 20 kn per extra child.

Extra offer for birthdays: photo of the face of every child during the birthday: 150 kn. Recruitment possibilities: clown (2 h: 400.00 kn, 1 h: 200.00 kn) or make (1 h: 200 kn) or magician (1 h: 200,00 kn). Pizzas external: (average: 39.00 kn, jumbo: 49,00 kn).

Dance course: for children up to 12 years: twice a week on the length of a 'now. Price: 180,00 kn per month. Dance: Jazz dance, hip-hop, show-dance. Participation in competitions and meetings of dance. Registration of new members every Saturday at 11.00.

Monday - Friday: 10: 00-21: 00
Saturday: 09: 00-21: 00
Sunday: 10: 00-21: 00
(In case of Late Night Shopping extended hours). 
Info: 095 8123 133